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Go West Sport Pickleball 

Go West Sports has 5 indoor pickleball courts that host open play, leagues and tournaments throughout the year. GWS is delighted to have you as part of our Pickleball community and we look forward to serving you and your fellow pickleball players.  

Go West Sports - 2023-24 Memberships and Pricing

Members of Go West

As most of you know, we’ve come up with a new membership called VIP plus

we have done this to try and allow people that want to play during the day, access to the courts and keep the cost down while not having an employee at the facility, as the revenue generated does not justify the cost

So we have a VIP plus membership.   This is NOT a monthly membership, but is a 8 month membership that costs 200 for the 8 months (from September to april )

we are allowing you to pay for in monthly installments of 25 each to help make it more budget friendly

So whether you sign up in Sept or November etc the cost is still 200 for the months from sign up until April 30, 2024

The hours this is available is from 6 AM to 4 PM

The court rental cost for a VIP member plus will be zero dollars for the Court Reynolds during this time period listed above.

We will be publishing a list of VIP plus members so you can reach out to others to see about getting groups to play

If you do bring a non-vip plus member to join you the cost for this person would be 5 per hour (so for a typical 2 hour rental it would be $10)

The VIP plus member that books the court will be charged the “guest” fee and can work out arrangements with the “guest” to get repaid

For the people that are going to play 3 or more times a month (from 6 am to 4 pm) it s defiantly worth doing the membership

Also note, if you are a VIP plus member you get the same benefits that the VIP members get - discounts off of regular rentals which are from 5 to 10 PM, weekend rentals and discount on leagues


Open Play

GWS Open Play Open play is simply a predetermined time where pickleball players show up at the courts to play. Join the open play family to get in the action. Pick your skill level, day and time to join 7 other players play pickleball. 

League Play

Go West Sports Leagues are ran during the week and on the weekends. Leagues have a rotating schedule week by week. With different levels, GWS has a Pickleball League for all players! 

Check out the CourtReserve link above to see the calendar to sign up!

Reserve Courts

Have a group you want to play with? Rent a court tody! Our 5 courts are available to rent for $26 per hour for Prime and $20 per hour for NonPrime (*total price per court). Check out the CourtReserve Link above to sign up today!

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